Wednesday, January 2, 2013


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NIKON D40/40X/60/3000/5000
NIKON D3100/3200 
NIKON D5100/5200
NIKON D300/300S/700 
CANON EOS 1000/450/500D
CANON EOS 550D/600D/650D 
CANON 10/20/30/40/50D


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Octopus Platinum NB-8L Battery
Octopus Platinum NB-7L Battery
Octopus Platinum NB-6L Battery
Octopus Platinum NB-5L Battery 
Octopus Platinum NB-4L Battery
Octopus Platinum LP-E10 Battery
Octopus Platinum LP-E5 Battery
Octopus Platinum LP-E6 Battery

Octopus Platinum S-005E Battery 
Octopus Platinum DLi-90 Battery 
Octopus Platinum BP-808 Battery 
Octopus Platinum BP-511a Battery
Octopus Platinum BLS-1 Battery
Octopus Platinum BLM-1 Battery Camera
Octopus Platinum 2200mAh NP-F570 Battery
Octopus Platinum NP-FW50 Battery 
Octopus DMW-BCJ13GK Battery
Octopus Platinum 900mAh NP-50 Battery Camera
Octopus Platinum 600mAh NP-BN1 Battery 
Octopus Platinum 1200mAh NP-BX1 Battery 
Octopus Platinum 1060mAh NP-BG1 Battery 
Octopus Platinum 800mAh NP-FP50 Battery Pack 
Octopus Platinum 800mAh NP-FH50 Battery Pack 
Octopus Platinum 650mAh NP-FD1 Battery 
Octopus Platinum 650mAh NP-BK1 Battery 
Octopus Platinum 650mAh NP-BD1 Battery 
Octopus Platinum NP-FM500H Battery
Octopus AHDBT-201301 Battery
Octopus Platinum EN-EL9 Battery
Octopus Platinum EN-EL3e Battery
Octopus Platinum 900mAh EN-EL12 Battery
Octopus Platinum 1400mAh EN-EL5 Battery
Octopus Platinum 800mAh EN-EL8 Battery
Octopus Platinum 700mAh EN-EL10Li-40BLi-42BNP-45 Battery
Octopus Platinum 650mAh EN-EL19 Battery
Octopus Platinum 650mAh EN-EL11 Battery. 
Octopus Platinum EN-EL15 Battery 
Octopus Platinum EN-EL14 Battery

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Octopus Platinum EN-EL3E Battery Charger
Octopus OC-MPC Multi purpose 2 in 1 Battery Charger
Octopus Platinum 2100mAh EN-EL4a Battery + Charger
Smartphone External Charger.
2 in 1 Battery Charger For Canon LP-E6 LP-E8
2 in 1 Battery Charger For Nikon EN-EL14 EN-EL15
Octopus OC-AC88 AAAAA 8 Cells Battery Charger.
Octopus OC-AD48 AAAAA LCD Battery Charger
Octopus OC-AC18650 Universal Battery Charger
Olympus OM-D 1220mAh BLN-1 Battery + Charger
Battery Charger for Canon LPE5 Battery
Octopus Master Lock 2500mAh AA Rechargeable Battery
Octopus LP-E8 Battery + Power Bank + Charger
Octopus LP-E6 Battery + Power Bank + Charger
Octopus EN-EL14 Battery + Power Bank + Charger
Octopus AHDBT-201301 Battery + Power Bank


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Octopus Flashmates Pouch
Octopus OC-LC1 Lens Case
Octopus OC-LC4 Lens Case
Octopus OC-SL01 Sling Bag
Octopus Waist UP EW WaistBelt + FREE 2pcs OC-LC4 Lens Case
Octopus OC-BP01 Rain Coat + 14 Laptop Backpack + FREE OC-LC4 Lens Case
Octopus OC-BP02 Laptop Backpack + Rain Coat

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Octopus Foam Lens for Drybox
Portable Rechargeble Dehudiifier
OC-DB25L Drybox (28 Liter)
OC-DB33L Drybox (33 Liter)
OC-DB36L Drybox (36 Liter)
OC-DB60L Drybox (60 Liter)
OC-DB88L Drybox (88 Liter)
OC-DB185L Drybox (185 Liter)

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Octopus Pro Digital Ultra Slim UV(0) Filter.
Octopus Pro Digital Ultra Slim CIR-PL Filter
Octopus IR 720nm Filter
Octopus +10 Close Up Filter
Octopus ND8 Filter
Octopus Pro Digital Star 4 Special Effect Filter
Octopus Diamond Grade LCD Protector 
Octopus Diamond Grade LCD Protector For Canon EOS 550D Camera

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Universal Octopus 5 in 1 Color Gel Flash Diffuser
Octopus Pop Up Flash Diffuser + 3 Color Dome
Octopus Optical Slave Flash Trigger
Octopus OC-AF38 Speedlite Flash
Octopus OCAF58 GN58 LCD Display
 Reflector 5 in one
Reflector Hand held 2 color Reflector
Octopus OC-120LED Video Light + Battery + Charger
Octopus OC-36LED Video Light + Free 2pcs Battery 7 Charger
Octopus Multi Flash Swivel
Octopus 80cm x80cm Photo Cube
Octopus 3 Meter Backdrop Stand Set
Octopus 2 Layer 60cm x 60cm Softbox + 4 color diffuser
Lighting Set
3 Meter Light Stand + 60cm x 60cm Softbox ( Honey comb + 2 Layer Diffuser)
Flash bracket with off camera cord 
Octopus Light Tone Pro Flash Diffuser
Octopus DEMB PRO Flash Diffuser
Octopus 10 x 20 Muslin Backdrop + 2 Power Clamp
Octopus OC-RF01 LCD Display LED Ring Flash
OCRF02 LED Macro Ring Flash
Octopus Shinning Wizard Arm + LED Light

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Octopus Lens for Adapter Panasonic LX-3 Camera
Octopus Lens Adapter for Canon G10, G11 Camera
Octopus 3 Ring OC-EXT Macro Extension Tube
Octopus OC-NJ01 Lens Hood + UV + CPL Filter
Octopus OC-LH01 Metal Lens Hood
Octopus 2 in 1 White Balance Lens Cap.

Octopus Nikon G To NEX Series Adapter
Octopus Nikon G To M43 Series Adapter
Octopus Nikon D To Nikon 1 Series Adapter
Octopus Nikon D To NEX Series Adapter
Octopus Nikon D To M43 Series Adapter
Octopus Nikon D To Fujifilm X-Pro Series Adapter
Octopus M42 To Nikon 1 Series Adapter

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Octopus Remote
Octopus 2 in 1 Wired and Wireless 100 meter Remote Switch
Octopus Wired Remote Switch For Canon , Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Samsung
Octopus OC-DT Dual Flash Trigger
Octopus SC-28 Off Camera Shoe Cord
Octopus OC-E3 Off Camera Cord
Octopus Aurora OC-TLC High Speed ETTL II Flash
Octopus EX-Pro Video Mic For DSLR Camera

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Octopus Platinum OC-TW01 Travel Tripod
Octopus OC-W01 Professional Tripod + Monopod
Octopus OC-TRI88 Macro Tripod
Octopus OC1 Ballhead
Octopus OC-BH2 Professional Ball Head
Octopus Macro OC-BLK Tripod
Monopod Octopus OC-M1
Octopus OCM3 Monopod
Octopus 2 in 1 OCTRI505 Monopod + Tripod

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Octopus Hand Glove
Multi Purpose Octopus OC-SP01 Air Cushion Shoulder Pad
Octopus Camouflage Neoprene neck strap
Octopus Cleaning Kit
HotShoe Cover
Octopus Plane Neo Strap
Octopus OC-HG Hand Wrist Wrap
Octopus Hand Glove
Octopus Lens Cap Strap

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